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Ah! Spring is here and so are the plants….

Ah! Spring is here and so are the plants....

Japanese Maple replanted in its new pot


plants 2

New Hosta Plant



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Why I have mixed feelings about posting my DIY pictures

I enjoy doing projects and building things around the house; I post pictures of these online for a couple of reasons: (1) To get feedback or recommendations my work, and (2) Similar to me learning from others, I hope my work inspires others or helps them with their ideas.

So why do I have mixed feelings about posting my pix – simply because I fear it might get some of my not-so-handy or not-very-interested-in-DIY friends in trouble with their spouses. Anytime my friends visit our house and the wives see my new patio, or my new plants, they turn to their spouses and berate them about not doing anything around the house and how I am so handy and building new things or fixing broken things. Ironically, my wife’s complaint is about how I am never spending time with the family and am always busy making trips to my second home, Home Depot, or fixing something, whereas all my friends are spending quality time with the family.

The fact of the matter is that I love working on things. I have more than my fair share of power tools and love the feel of power tools. One cannot have enough drills, or hammers, or circular saws, or shovels, or…. the list goes on. To me this is relaxing- not a chore- and this is how I de-stress.

So all those who take interest in my DIY projects and visit by DIY blogs, please enjoy the posts without passing any judgment on your spouses.  


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My New Assembled and Stained Arbor (see associated story in IT/Biz Blog category)

My New Assembled and Stained Arbor (see associated story in IT/Biz Blog category)

New Arbor

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Enjoying my recently finished Paver Patio. Before and After…..


Backyard before installing pavers


Backyard after the pavers, and sitting wall….

A lot of physical, hard work, smashed fingers, and aching muscles with all the lifting, but seems well worth the effort……





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