SAP HANA Predictive Analytics RDS – quick way to deploy predictive analytics

Attended a seminar focused on SAP HANA Predictive Analytics RDS @ SAP Labs today. Came back impressed with what I saw. This RDS comes loaded with a lot of pre-built predictive analysis models for various industry verticals and for various business scenarios. While PAL on HANA is an intermediary tool still requiring technical knowledge, this offering has a user-friendly front-end which is easier to navigate and use. Version 2 of this product is due for release sometime next week. What are some of the cool features I saw and liked:

1. Has pre-built models for 5-6 industry verticals

2. Easy to use UI for deploying the predictive analysis capabilities

3. Built-in visualizer using HANA visualizer and BobJ Explorer

4. Accesses the HANA Live calculated views for information (single source for actuals and forecast)

The next step is to further enhance this product using the new SAP acquisition KXEN (renamed SAP InfiniteInsider)

Good to see SAP making such huge progress in the predictive analysis space; I had to trya and make BobJ Pioneer (don’t even know what it is called now), go head-to-head with the likes of QlikView; even Lumira was not quite there. What I saw today gives me great hope that customers can stay within the SAP ecosystem and get most of their business IT needs met.



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